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A silent depth in us whispers in our ear, asking to be seen.

A voice inside the voice of our mind.  The voice of our hearts.

I’m a practitioner in the art of listening to this voice.

My mission is to help you discover that voice in you and refine your listening ear.  In the ancient language of Sanskrit, there is a word that resonates with my mission - jivantmukti.  It means to gain assimilated self-knowledge, to be liberated with an inner sense of freedom while living.  


This life of ours is a precious gift we get to unwrap every day.  I will empower you to become the creator of your life with questions that spark your soul, while grounding you with practical tools to experience truth in the context of your own life.  

With me, you will discover and practice the courage to tell the story of yourself with your whole heart.

Authenticity is magnetic.  Together, we will build a virtual village of people like us.  People who want to journey together to our best life.

I will teach you to put into practice a lifestyle following your own wild longing.

You will love yourself more, live bravely, without guilt.  You may be inspired to start that project you feel called to do, create art for your walls, take that dance class you've been eyeing up, or start your own business.  The possibilities are as endless as you are.


How you can learn more

The Shape of Wonder online course

This course is jam packed with all of my favorite tools to lead a deep, meaningful, connected, beautiful life.  I will teach you how to examine and redefine the beliefs that hold you back from your infinite potential.  You will see where growth edges are and they will expand.  We will turn fear into magic, not in avoidance, but in befriending fear.  We will learn what we truly desire by examining the contrast in our life.  You will learn to give yourself permission to be who you desire to be.  You will rediscover the essential nature of play and how it stimulates your growth.  You will learn not just through ideas in your head, but also gain true knowledge through your own body.

Most importantly, you will transfigure yourself - to become yourself fully realized and to become your own greatest teacher.

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1 Hour Coaching Session
from 200.00

Personalized mentor session with Nicole to design a life of abundant joy and love. We'll take stock of where you are and where you want to be and come up with a plan to close the gap. We'll troubleshoot your challenges and push your growth edges to lead to a deeper more fulfilling life.

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I spark movement in gatherings.  

Invite me to your next event to speak about developing and practicing creativity or on following your excitement.

I design yoga classes that make you feel oh so good in your body.  

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