Guest Post on Thought Catalog: 10 Simple Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

The paradox of wanting to be seen, but afraid of being seen so raw. New vulnerabilities exposed to light.

Both the easiest and the hardest piece I've ever written. I didn't want to write it, I didn't want to share it, but the words just came spilling out of me. They needed to be unearthed and released out into the world in hopes it can help someone.

The most painful experiences of our lives can spur the most movement and clarify what it is we really want. It gives us the opportunity to reexamine who it is we want to be. We are not always able to control our circumstance, but we are able to control our reaction to them. This is what I'm learning in a whole new way.

"Use this time to crack your heart open rather than an excuse to just be broken.

Thought Catalog published a big piece of my heart on the art of transformation. Click the button below to read