My Wishes For You

For my sister's baby shower a couple of years ago, I found one of those “wishes for baby” cards for all the guest to fill out in hopes baby Woodruff could see throughout her life how much she was loved. I wrote this for my niece before she entered this world. Looking back at it, I realize I wrote it just as much for myself… for each and every one of us.

I hope you learn… to ask amazing questions, they are more important than answers.

I hope you aren't afraid of… vulnerability, failure, risk, love, mystery, change, the unknown, silence.

I hope you love… fiercely and fearlessly.

I hope you get… a wild, adventurous spirit.

I hope you laugh… out loud every single day.

I hope you never forget… that you are always enough, just as you are.

I hope you ignore… any doubts about living your wildest dreams.

I hope you become… the truest version of yourself.

I hope you respect… the power of imagination, it's everything.

I hope you grow…. in love, humility, wonder, curiosity, magic, courage, and joy.