The Front Lines of Love

Last night I went to bed shocked and horrified.  This morning I woke up feeling like war had ravaged my body.  Angry, sad, numb, all at once, I wept.  I looked online for messages of hope, and while there are lots to be found, they fell short.  I wanted someone to make this ok for me, to reassure me, to tell me everything I hold dear about our world wasn’t just demolished.  But nothing outside myself can make me feel ok.


So I started listening to my own voice.  The voice that says asking someone else to make it ok for me gives up all my power.  Letting anyone, anything, any circumstance dictate how I feel or what I do gives up my sovereignty.  Asking someone, good or bad, to lead me, just leads me away from myself.


Every moment is a beginning.  In every moment, there are an infinite number of possibilities.  Even when we can’t see them.  Even when a million possibilities have been taken away.  Eeven when we are devastated from our losses.  There are still an infinite number of possibilities in THIS moment.  They already exist, we just have to look for them.


In this moment, I see millions of people who know that love is larger.  That kindness matters.  That our desire for a world of unity is clearer and stronger than it was yesterday.  That we pick ourselves up and begin again.  Because love trumps hate.


So, in this moment, I’m inhabiting my sovereignty.  I’m repossessing my power that was already mine.  I will not wait four years to reclaim the world I want to live in.  I will do it NOW.


Power is given away, not taken.


I will not give my power away to a man who doesn’t hold my beliefs or values.  I will give my sovereignty to no one.


I am the center of the universe.  You are the center of the universe.  When we change ourselves we change the world.  Change starts with me.  And change starts with you.  I am taking responsibility for my world around me. I’m going to inhabit my “response-ability” - the ability to respond.  When we take our responsibility back, we summon our power back to create worlds.  We are no longer victims of circumstance.


I WILL NOT be a victim of circumstance.  I CHOOSE to rise above circumstance.


This moment we have a choice.  A choice to feed into the fear that got us here in the first place.  Or to rise above it.  To fan the spark of light and hope and burn bright.


Even when circumstance is out of our control, we always have choice… choice about how we feel, how we react, what we do in the next moment.  I choose to not to just exist in a world built on love, compassion, and unity by others… I WILL BUILD my world of love, compassion, and unity.


I will stand in my sovereignty and light up the world.


Will you join me?