Discover.  Dis-cover.  Unconver.  To remove what is in the way.  So much of life is really just about removing the junk that WE cover it up with.  We hide it away with our beliefs, labels, definitions, expectations, and attachments.  We didn’t come into this world with any of those things, yet we possess so many of them as adults.  As children, all we did was play and explore.  We learned and grew at a rate that is unparalleled in our adult life.  These labels and beliefs were all accumulated over time, they don’t actually belong to us, nor do they define us.  What if we learned to discard some of these definitions?  What would happen if we let go and return to the experience of life through exploration and play?


Isn’t love really more of an uncovering than a building up?  Don’t we break down walls we have when we love, exposing our vulnerability?  Relationships succeed or fail in relation to the number of walls we continuously break down or build up.  Walls separate, they do not unite.  I becoming more interested in all of the ways I can dis-cover my life, my joy, my excitement, my love, myself.


What would you like to dis-cover?