The Small Decisions Aren't So Small

This week, on August 16th, marks one year since I met my beau, Marc.  It’s a fun and exciting time, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on how our relationship came to be.  The conclusion I’ve come to is…


Saying yes to the seemingly small, insignificant invitations in our life are what lead us to the big, life changing decisions in our life.


Ours is an unlikely relationship in that we currently live 1500 miles apart.  I never had any intention of starting a relationship with a guy that lived in another state, let alone halfway across the country.  But what I realize is, it’s all the tiny decisions we made leading up to that even being a possibility that I could see.


Him: “Would you like to join us for a drink?”

Me: “No thanks, I’m actually waiting for gear to come down from the bell hop.”

Him: “Do you need any help with anything?”

Me: “No, I’ll be fine, thank you.”

Fast forward to me realizing I do in fact need help.  

Me: “Does your offer to help still stand?”

Him: “Yes.”


We talked while carting photography gear across NYC.  I thought he was bright, sincere, and kind.  I quickly learned he lived in San Antonio, Texas (I’m in Philadelphia, PA).  All through the night, the possibility of a relationship didn’t pop up on my radar.  I was just pissed at the universe for sending me a guy who I found cute and intriguing, who lived way too far away.  I had been on a slew of terrible dates recently and felt like it was a mean joke.  It couldn’t possibly go anywhere.  And yet... at the end of the night I took his card.  


I’m a big proponent of following your excitement, without expectation on a particular outcome.  I decided to try practicing what I teach on a whole new level.  So, I emailed him.  Just to thank him for his help and tell him I really enjoyed meeting him.  No expectation of anything in return.  And yet… he emailed back.  One email turned into dozens back and forth, simply because it felt good to talk to him.  Emails and phone calls turned into a day visit to Philly while on a trip to DC, where we spent 9 hours together.  We quickly decided to give this thing a whirl, and here we are one year later!


I say all of this to say…

Just changing your course by one degree, will eventually have a tremendous effect on where you end up on your journey.


Give the little moments, the little decisions your presence and attention.  You never know where they will end up.  Maybe you’ll find yourself in San Antonio *winky wink*!