Mirror, Mirror - Part deux

Continuing our conversation about communication last week, I want to introduce another form of communication for a new challenge. This week's challenge is inspired by Amanda Palmer's book, The Art of Asking

Last week, we focused on non verbal communication through body language. This week, we will still use body language as a form of communication, we are just going to add to it. For this week's challenge, pick another date with a friend, partner, or family member. You may pick a short date like ice cream or coffee, or opt for a longer date such as lunch. 

The rules:
1. No verbal communication, same as last week
2. Experiment with body language as a form of communication
3. Bring two notepads and pens or paper. We are adding the written word! Pass handwritten notes back and forth to each other when you would like to communicate beyond the use of body language. (No texting!)
4. Bonus - Ask questions you haven't asked of your date before. Make declarations. Share your dreams. Tell them a fear you have. Make up a story. Play. 

See what unfolds. What have you observed? Have you made any new discoveries? Did this form of communication help or hinder body language as communication? 

Share your thoughts, reactions, and observations with me below.