Mirror, Mirror

Have you ever looked across the table at your mother, her elbow on the table, chin propped up on her hand, pointer finger curling around her upper lip, and then realized you are sitting the exact same way?  Maybe it’s your father, or friend, and maybe it’s the way you are lounging in the chair super casually.  We all have some version of this story when we realize we are the mirror image of another’s body placement.   

Communication happens in a variety of ways, well beyond the spoken word.  Body language accounts for 55% of our communication with each other.  But most of the time, we aren’t even conscious of our own body language, or how it affects those we are communicating with.  A good guiding principle is to “Give everything.  Give it first.”  But what exactly are we giving with our body language?


I challenge you to experiment with your body language and observe the effects.  Recruit your partner, a friend, or family member who you trust as a safe haven.  Someone you aren’t afraid to get a little silly with.  Schedule a date with them, something like a coffee or ice cream date, it only needs to be about 15-20 minutes.  The rule for your date is, you are not allowed to verbally speak to each other for the entire date.  You may talk to each other on your way to and from the date, and talk about your expectations and observations if you like.  Just NO talking during your date.  Experiment with how else you can communicate with each other.  

After your date, record your observations.  Maybe talk about them with your partner in crime.  How did you feel?  Did that feeling remain the entire time?  Or did it change and evolve?  How else were you able to communicate? Did you find yourselves mirroring each other and how?  What else did you learn?

Comment below and tell me what you’ve learned and how you can incorporate it into your business and personal life.