Grounding Ourselves in Physical Reality

I’ve had this desire lately, to be making and creating from my hands - making malas, gifts, weavings, drawing, cooking, writing letters.  It’s occurred to me how very necessary it is to our well-being to be making.  We live lives more and more detached from our physical reality.  We type away on keyboards and communicate on devices more than we communicate live in the flesh.  We have relationships that exist more in a void of abstraction than grounded in the physical world.  We spend countless hours day-dreaming and living in our own heads.  We take photographs with our fancy digital cameras and craft our images on a screen.  


I’m in no way saying that any of these things are inherently bad.  But I do think the pendulum swings in both directions, one is tied to the other.  The more we move in the direction of a life in the cloud, the more the need to ground ourselves in our physical reality.  The form isn’t important, the experience of the physicality is.

We are here to have a human experience, to experience the world around us.  We are energy in motion.  We are here to learn and grow THROUGH our physical experiences, not in spite of them.  


As I surrender to experiencing my world through my physical actions, I actually feel more in tune with myself as spirit.  By grounding myself in physicality, I expand.