Thank you for being here.  

In a fast paced world where our attention is being demanded in a growing number of directions, you chose to be here. That tells me that you want more for your life than the status quo and hum drum state of existence, rushing from one commitment to the next.  You want to feel more, live deeply, inhale wonder, and exhale love.

I invite you to join me in creating a life of mad love and unabashed joy.

I want to help you create a beautiful life by creating beautiful moments. Starting with this moment right here. 

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My Superpowers include, but are not limited to:

Hugs that can melt worlds together

Bending time and space with my photography

Making ordinary days into sunshiny ones

Designing yoga sequences that make you feel sooo yummy

Transferring a spoon from my nose to my mouth using ONLY my tongue

Teleporting... ok, I'm still working on this one




Beauty is the illumination of your soul.  You are beautiful.  Yes, you.  And I want to help you see your own beauty while building a magical life rooted in following your excitement.

My name is Nicole and I am an explorer of the human heart.

Have you ever felt like...

Life is generally good, but you feel this nagging sensation that somehow there is more.  You catch glimpses of real truth and beauty, while curiosity grows and compounds in your heart.  You believe we are all connected in an underlying circuit of energy.  You feel this stirring, deep with your body… your soul… that wants to explore, that wants to question what you’ve been taught to believe.  You crave authenticity down to your bones.  You ache to be seen and loved just as you are.  You long to find others like you, others you recognize as an echo of your own heart.

Your heart sings when you stumble upon moments of unbridled joy.  You want to linger in these moments, stretch them out, consciously create more of them… you want to swim in a lifetime of moments like these.

You think you love yourself, yet incessant thoughts of doubt and fear creep into your mind, holding you back from sharing yourself fully with the world. Thoughts like “What if I’m not good enough?”

You love people well.  But you want to love them more, love them better.  The love you have for others drives you, it’s what you live for.  You delight in doing things for others, but sometimes the weight of giving to others feels heavy.  You often feel guilt in doing those things for yourself.  There is just never enough time.

You no longer want to feel like a victim of your circumstances.  You know there is a better way.  You just can’t quite see it.

This was me.  Maybe it’s you too.  You are not alone my friend.  

My story isn’t overly dramatic in the rags to riches kind of way.  I had a good life growing up.  One I loved and appreciated.  I was loved and appreciated.  But as I became an adult and really took a close look at my life, I wasn’t content to live the status quo.  Driven by a desire to live with intent and build a meaningful life, I began an incredibly introspective journey.  I've been crafting and fine tuning a life better than I'd imagined for myself.  I’ve been blessed with insightful teachers from all walks of life and have learned I’m my own best teacher.  I’ve learned to give myself permission to be the person I really want to be.  I want to empower you to become your full authentic self, to be your own teacher, to live YOUR best life.   

I invite you to join me in exploring the edges of yourself, to bridge the visible and invisible worlds, to live in the shape of wonder.

A few random little snippets about me...

In my other life, I photograph couples, creating a space for them to fall in love with each other all over again.  We celebrate love, exploring and renewing the words "I choose you."  My imagery is the tangible expression of the invisible connections of love, rooted in genuine communication & the wonder of the human ♥.  You can see more here.

I spent 28 days in the Nicaraguan jungle completing my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie.  This was one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences of my life.  My favorite part was learning about life THROUGH my body.  We are after all, spiritual beings having a human experience.

My spirit animal is a cross between Brian Andreas, Dear Sugar, and Bob Goff

I love music more than just about anything - my tastes are greatly varied depending on my mood, but you will find The XXDawesJonathan WilsonKye KyeBeach HouseMessage to BearsTalking Heads, and Passion Pit on heavy rotation.  I go to as many concerts as possible.  Live music resonates to the core of my being.  My very first concert was New Kids on the Block!

I love to snowboard.  I actually used to teach snowboarding lessons in the Poconos.  The rhythm I feel on a board in some nice grippy snow or champagne powder is unrivaled in my life.

I secretly wish I could be on "So You Think You Can Dance."  I'm a sucker for the hip hop and contemporary routines.  I once took a dance workshop with NappyTabs with zero dance experience.  It was both crazy overwhelming and awe-inspiring.  Until my dance career takes off, I'll settle for kitchen dance parties.

I have accumulated a lot of nicknames over the years: nic, nickerrs, buttons, nicky p, 'lil buddy...  I'll answer to any of them, except nikki doll.  If you call me that, you are dead to me (just kidding, but not really).

I'm a total bookworm.  I read at least 40 books a year and for every book I read, I probably buy or add 2 to my wish list.  I'm learning how to bend time so I can actually read all the books I want to in my life.  My all time favorite book is Anam Cara by John O'Donohue.  Everything he writes is magical.

I'm kind of a foodie, yet my all time favorite food is mozzarella cheese fries with ranch dressing.  Instead of cheesecake, my college friends and I spent many a night with the Golden Girls and cheese fries.

My guilty pleasure tv show is General Hospital.  I've been watching since I was about 10.  I'm totally attached even though the storylines often piss me off.  It's weirdly like a friend you can depend on 5 days a week, year round.

I do not put milk in my cereal, but I like to drink a glass of milk while I eat cereal.  Never the two shall touch.  It's been this way as long as I can remember and have never outgrown it.


I wrote this for me... I also wrote it for you...


I AM..

I am a mirror reflecting the infinite, time stretched out in eternal longing


I am the sound of snow, a birdsong waiting to be sung


I am a garden where wonder is unearthed and dreams are quietly formed


I am the elusive horizon, always journeying with you while you journey towards me


I am the textured silence lingering behind unspoken words, the freckled sky dancing to the melody of its own unfolding


I am the soft bed of pine needles cushioning your weary step on the path of the unknown, the sunlight on a cold day bathing you in warmth


I am an empty vessel, thirsty to receive, and the august rain kissing the parched earth


I am the damp fog shrouding the landscape into subtlety, hiding its mysteries, the rumbling thunder uttering ancient truths


I am the whispering wind, an invisible thread that leads me to you, an echo of my own heart


I am the question and the answer


I am love made visible... a world yet undiscovered

💛 nicole

Work With Me


A silent depth in us whispers in our ear, asking to be seen.

A voice inside the voice of our mind.  The voice of our hearts.

I’m a practitioner in the art of listening to this voice.

My mission is to help you discover that voice in you and refine your listening ear.  In the ancient language of Sanskrit, there is a word that resonates with my mission - jivantmukti.  It means to gain assimilated self-knowledge, to be liberated with an inner sense of freedom while living.  


This life of ours is a precious gift we get to unwrap every day.  I will empower you to become the creator of your life with questions that spark your soul, while grounding you with practical tools to experience truth in the context of your own life.  

With me, you will discover and practice the courage to tell the story of yourself with your whole heart.

Authenticity is magnetic.  Together, we will build a virtual village of people like us.  People who want to journey together to our best life.

I will teach you to put into practice a lifestyle following your own wild longing.

You will love yourself more, live bravely, without guilt.  You may be inspired to start that project you feel called to do, create art for your walls, take that dance class you've been eyeing up, or start your own business.  The possibilities are as endless as you are.


How you can learn more

The Shape of Wonder online course

This course is jam packed with all of my favorite tools to lead a deep, meaningful, connected, beautiful life.  I will teach you how to examine and redefine the beliefs that hold you back from your infinite potential.  You will see where growth edges are and they will expand.  We will turn fear into magic, not in avoidance, but in befriending fear.  We will learn what we truly desire by examining the contrast in our life.  You will learn to give yourself permission to be who you desire to be.  You will rediscover the essential nature of play and how it stimulates your growth.  You will learn not just through ideas in your head, but also gain true knowledge through your own body.

Most importantly, you will transfigure yourself - to become yourself fully realized and to become your own greatest teacher.

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1 Hour Coaching Session
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Personalized mentor session with Nicole to design a life of abundant joy and love. We'll take stock of where you are and where you want to be and come up with a plan to close the gap. We'll troubleshoot your challenges and push your growth edges to lead to a deeper more fulfilling life.

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I spark movement in gatherings.  

Invite me to your next event to speak about developing and practicing creativity or on following your excitement.

I design yoga classes that make you feel oh so good in your body.  

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I am now available and would be honored to speak at your next event!  I love to speak on fostering the creative spirit and living a life rooted in following your excitement.  Tell me about your event by clicking the button above.

Nicole has a special charisma that makes you want to listen to what she has to say. And she also made me think about what she was talking, of where my excitement can take me and how I can grow from it, that I need to think bigger to live bigger. I am just sorry that she didn’t do more dance moves.
— Susi
I loved the entire premise of your talk. The entire semblance of finding excitement and following that really hit me at a spot that I needed to hear. I needed to hear the acceptance with the fact that it was okay to be excited about what you do. That’s become something that’s really settled with my day to day moments. So thank you!
— Kathy
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7 Guided Meditations to awaken to your intrinsic sovereignty